"We acknowledge all women as members of our movement, while also acknowledging that the lived experiences of transgender and cisgender women | image tagged in lgbt,trans,transgender,cisgender,allies,cis | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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THEIR DICTIONARY: MY DICTIONARY: cis-gen-der NORMAL | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Your own personal imaginary dictionary does not actually apply in the real world.

It's cool you think so, but it's simply not so.
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You're telling me I don't have the right to a personal opinion?
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You have a right to a personal opinion. It's just not one based on fact, so others, like myself, have the right to say you are wrong. :)
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Fair enough!
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You do realize that the reason some of us disapprove of transgenders now-a-days is because they're doing it for attention, right? Not because they're truly suffering and really feel like one gender in the body of the opposite sex. I have had a friend who was a transgender. They were cool. But they didn't do it to get on television or get attention. They did it because they truly wanted to be a woman. And I felt sorry for them because of their suffering. But when it comes to people who do shit to 1. Take advantage of other people. Or 2. Just plain for attention... It annoys us intelligent people because they're forcing their stupid shit onto us. If you honestly want to be transgender, by all means do it. But don't be parading all over television in terrible clothing and make-up. (This actually also goes for both male and female...) Stop doing things for attention, it's really insulting and dumb to the real people who struggle with the fact that they want to be the other gender genuinely.
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Drag Queens, the ones dressed up and wearing heavy makeup and parading, are performance based. They are designed to shock and draw attention and most are men who wear extravagant costumes. SOME are trans, but they do not base their everyday appearance off of their stage performance.
Drag queens have also been around for decades longer than even I have been alive.

Transgender people, either way, are not automatically drag queens and MOST are everyday people you work with, who pass you on the street and just plain want to stop being attacked or spat on for outwardly identifying as they feel.

I don't feel insulted put upon at all around my trans female friends, like Charlie who wrote these words. She's extravagant and loud sometimes and gods, get her drunk and she'll start singing...but that goes for a lot of people.

Maybe treat trans people like people and understand what performance drag actually is and then understand your outrage is misplaced.
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"We acknowledge all women as members of our movement, while also acknowledging that the lived experiences of transgender and cisgender women can be vastly different. While there are times when transgender and cisgender women need to face their own unique struggles in their own spaces, we hope the majority of our time is spent fighting for our shared cause."; ~ Charlie. K.
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