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Our democratic lawmakers want us to be totally disarmed, and therefore compliant. This is their endgame. Every policy, every law, everything they do is designed to promote this agenda of total confiscation. That is, except for their armed bodyguards.

Prove me wrong...
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If our democratic lawmakers want that, then:
1. Why?
2. When?
3. What's your alternative?
4. If democratic lawmakers are like that, what hope do you have for better?
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1. Because history has proven that an unarmed populace is a complaint populace. Democrats are all about controlling every aspect of our life, and the only way they can do that is of we cannot fight back.

2. As soon as they chip away enough at our Constitutional rights to make it possible. Since they can't do it with brute force they will try to finesse people to willingly give up their rights, i.e., march in favor or banning guns.

3. My alternative is for both sides of the debate to realize that while what we are currently doing isn't working, most gun owners aren't guilty of any crimes regardless of what types of guns they own. We need to realize that murder is the result of human thoughts and actions, not guns. We need to have a real debate and come to real solutions that will keep guns out of the hands of bad people while protecting my rights and the rights of millions of other gun owners.

4. Sadly, it isn't only democrats. It is mlstly democrats, but there are lawmakers on both sides who would gladly burn our Constitution for a few votes. Term limots for every elected office would be a great start.
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1. Left wing liberal progressive Democrats want to control what? What part of "left wing liberal progressive" did you not understand?

2. Ever consider the fact that you're right? Your AR-15s aren't fully automatic. Uncle Sam's are. And that's just a butter knife in that cupboard. Your when already happened?

3. True. Guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people. We should get rid of both guns and gun owners.

4. Treasonous Trump & Co + the Republican controlled Houses are attempting to dismantle the Constitution. Hopefully the Courts can manage to continue to delay that till the midterms (hopefully) can salvage what's left of this Disintegration Nation.
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1. For democrats guns are the low hanging fruit. They aren't the actual goal, but must be taken away before the people can be properly controlled. Can't have any of those pesky gun owners starting trouble.

2. Again, it's not about the tool. I will keep ALL of my guns, thank you.

3. What part of law-abiding escapes you? I know you think Hillary did nothing wrong and democrats are as pure as the driven snow, but come on.

4. Haha good luck with that.
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1. When is Obama going to take your guns?

"Take their guns first, due process later" That MSM lies too?

2. And so will they, and then some.

3. Hillary? The Republican is disguise? Ever hear of Whitewater, the MacDougals, the 'Arkansas Mafia'? Hill & Bill really were criminals since decades before some nothing private email server.

4. Luck? I live in the real world, fella.
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Even Obama explained it. He said hunters and concerned parents don't necessarily threaten society! But unstable and/or disgruntled people certainly can!
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