Roseanne 2018 is controlled opposition

Roseanne 2018 is controlled opposition  | This show is not about "conservatives" if this show espouses pro-life or gender binary principles it will not last! There is more to "conser | image tagged in roseanne blue collar,roseanne,conservative,pro life,gender,memes | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Basically, if anything that social conservatives like goes on television, the Leftist Media will kick it off.
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This implies that anyone who doesn't "respect" his choice IS a bigot. | WELL DAN, SINCE "WE'RE NOT BIGOTS" WE'RE GONNA RESPECT HIS 9 YEAR OLD CHOICE. I IDENTIFY AS A BOY BUT WEARING GIRL CLOTHES "JUST FEELS LIKE  | image tagged in roseanne,2018,gender,leftist,gender fluid,memes | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Are you blaming the leftist media for everything? Or are you assuming that is what I do?

Can you make an argument against anything that I have accused leftist media of doing or being a part of or do you just a priori dismiss it?

I didn't mention the leftist media in this meme or in the tags. You brought them up. They can't "kick it off" the air if it is something that social conservatives like or espouses their ideals. But because the media are "influence peddlers" they can influence masses of people not to watch a program and/or tell others that the program portrays "socially unacceptable ideals."

Since you brought them up, if the reports and reviews by leftist media outlets about a program that is supposedly about "conservatives" and even has as a lead character a Trump supporter who is not portrayed as an ignorant, racist, hateful person DO NOT say "this program contains socially unacceptable ideals" then that program is not about conservative ideals.

I heard the show was supposed to be about conservatives and has a Trump supporter as a character so I started reading reviews. When the characters who are supposed to be "conservatives" allow their 9 year old grandson to dress in girls clothes and tell their leftist family member the reason they voted for Trump was, "..the economy is bad and I just wanted to give him a chance to see if he could improve it..." that tells me the show is just more social engineering to cause people to think that economic issues are what the social and political Left and Right must come together about.

It is telling people that "real" or "good" conservatives will accept the Left's social agenda and narrative if the Left will come together with the "real" or "good" conservatives about economics and by contrast (without having to say it out loud) anyone who says they are conservative but doesn't accept the Left's social narrative is a "hateful, bigot, racist, whatever."

Since "we're not bigots" we'll accept that the 9 year old boy wants to dress in girl's clothes IMPLIES that anyone who doesn't accept or allow a 9 year old in their house to wear girl's clothes IS A BIGOT.
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This show is not about "conservatives"; There is more to "conservativism" than being middle Americans wanting lower taxes, if this show espouses pro-life or gender binary principles it will not last!
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