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Liberal logic 2.0 | WHAT IF I TOLD YOU THAT THE SAME PEOPLE PROTESTING POLICE MURDERS NOW THINK ONLY POLICE SHOULD HAVE GUNS ??? | image tagged in david hogg,nra,gun control,second amendment,trump | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Hi there,

Sounds interesting.

Would you kindly provide your source?

*** I'd like to see a list of names that exist in both groups. ***

No, it's ok, I'll wait...

Oh. Thought so.
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Roll Safe Think About It Meme | HOW TO WIN AN ARGUMENT START AND FINISH IT YOURSELF BEFORE THE OTHER PERSON SPEAKS | image tagged in memes,roll safe think about it | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Hi Fisker,

I lost this argument, and I'm glad I did.

I got schooled and it was a good education.

Thank you for calling me on being a jerk. I appreciate it. :-)
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Roll Safe Think About It Meme | IT'S OK BROTHER, ITS ALWAYS FINE TO HAVE A DIFFERENT OPINION I APPLAUDE YOU FOR BEING OPEN TO OTHERS AS WELL | image tagged in memes,roll safe think about it | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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It's ok to have an opinion but I was a doosh. And that ain't ok. Ever.

I thought I was right, so I had an attitude. Didn't realize it until you pointed it out. And for this, I thank you.

At least it ended well. lump was kind enough to provide sources and I checked them out. Scary sh!t out there. I'm going back under my rock!

+1 for calling me on my attitude prob.
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Huh? There will be no list. But you DO have a point.

The technique I used is called rhetoric. Maybe you've heard of it.

Anyway, I gave you 30 points for defending the OP.

Obviously his OPINION, and he's entitled to it.

* Sorry if he is a she.
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Sorry, I don't do requests. Make your own list. But, the fact remains. The same leftists and media organizations that supported the BLM movement are now funding and supporting these anti gun protests. Some of these people are openly calling for repealing the second amendment. And if that happens only the police and the government, headed by a guy they've been calling Hitler BTW, will be allowed to own guns. Nothing rhetorical about it. Obviously you know your way around guns. Because you sure got triggered. Lol. And thanks for the he she comment. That's so PC of you. ROFMAO ! Seriously though. Since you seem to understand free speech, at least to the extent that you recognize my right to an opinion. Keep this in mind, once the 2nd amendment is gone, the first will follow.
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You didn't give any facts. First you said people, now you are saying organizations.

I am not a gun owner. I don't LIKE guns. But other people should be allowed to have them for their own protection. And to amuse themselves with SAFELY. That's just common sense. So we agree on that. Surprise!

I am in favor of the Second Amendment. It makes sense and will never be eroded by mass hysteria. This one will last as long as the country.

We actually agree on everything. Except your OPINION on who is protesting.

People need guns to defend themselves from police, and any other government entity with a bad attitude.

But if you're not willing to provide source material to justify your claim, then you lose credibility.

I would like everyone who thinks the way we do to have credibility. And I called you on it. You decided to pass.

Check my memes - they call for sanity and responsible gun ownership. It sounds like you do also.

And I'll even back that up. Check the author, you'll see it's me...

There are more, but I think this is enough to show I'm not a radical.

All I asked for was your source. And I UPVOTED your response out of respect. Just stick with the facts, or provide a source. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Please don't act like the over-reactionary people on the OTHER side.

I will ask once again, politely. Please state your source material.

Thank you.
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And seriously, are you really a bot ? I'm just trying to follow your logic here. You're supposedly pro 2A, but you're going after me over symantics ???
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Lump, thank you for the links. I will check them out later. :-)
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Hi Lump,

Please accept my sincere apology for doubting you. I've read the stories and am surprised at what's out there.

I probably missed the connection between Soros and the repeal effort though.

There is tweet mentioned by former Sheriff Clark in THE HILL link that SUGGESTS a link though it seems unsubstantiated and in my OPINION, weak.

Not on your part, but on the tweeting accuser. We'll need more time to see how it works out.

Here's what makes me think the tweet is weak (From The Hill)...

>>CPAC organizers did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Clarke's remarks.

>>Clarke's tweet follows false conspiracy theories in right-wing media such as Gateway Pundit claiming that students at the Florida high school who have appeared on CNN, including David Hogg, are "crisis actors" paid to exploit the shooting for nefarious purposes.

>>An aide to a Florida state lawmaker was fired Tuesday after emailing a similar conspiracy theory to a reporter.

(end of quote from The Hill)

I could not link Paul Stevens to both the protests and repeal - only the repeal attempt. Again, I probably missed something important in the links you provided.

Still you get full credit and respect for citing source material, especially when I was a jerk. These people are so unbelievable I thought you were making it up. But you're not!

It's called shooting the messenger and I am guilty. Since it's in the past, I can't take it back - but I will believe you without hesitation going further.

You mentioned Pro 2A. I don't know what that means. I started in Feb. 2018 with the free account. Still learning my way around the site... and making stupid mistakes as you've seen.

Thanks for straightening me out... it was an eye opener. :-)
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No worries. I get your points too. With these media circus events there's usually more than meets the eye going on. There's usually somebody behind the scenes funding and organizing the whole thing. Those kids and their parents didn't organize and pay for all of this. The busses, the stages, the permits, Etc. When I said pro 2A that's just an abbreviation of pro second amendment. Which, by the way, there are pro 2A students from the same school as David Hogg. But they're being almost completely ignored by the mainstream media. Unfortunately I feel the Democrats are exploiting these kids to both push their gun control agenda and to energize their base going into the midterm elections. Along with trying to get these young marchers registered to vote for democrats. The response after this tragedy was just too well organized and happened too fast for it to be a grass roots movement. They had professional help.
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You rock... and I must live under one!

Great info. Had no idea and thought it was insane. And it is.

I try to avoid 'news' that aggravates me, so this went way over my head. Imagine all the people who will never know, though.

Sorry for doubting you. I appreciate learning when I'm wrong, although this one was a surprise.

I hope you'll continue to shine light into the darkness.

Thank you again, Bro. :-)
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