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Let me answer as not a conservative but an independent who's voted historically mostly for Dems, but now mostly libertarians.

The pussy grabbing remarks, in devil's advocacy, were the kind of talk a hell of a lot of liberals (*cough* Harvey Weinstein) have all done too, irrespective of that being legitimately offensive. Moreover, libs lost all, and I mean ALL credibility and right to b**ch about stuff like that when they denied justice to sexual harassment victims like Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathy Shelton, and Kathleen Willey. And let's not forget lawyer-ass Hillary laughing at exonerating a rapist.

Dems were 100% right about Anita Hill, who never got justice, - but total hypocrites when the shoe was on the other foot. TOTAL. Hypocrites.

Porn-star-f**king: who cares, that's their business. Libs suddenly gone all puritan? That'd be a damned rich lie. Must be all those evangelicals in the leftie ranks, right?

Race baiting? He told the truth about Mexican coyotes raping women they brought across the border, or illegals committing crimes, which they did, heavily. And the completely dishonest Dems, since it was an election and truth be damned, then went bleating oh boo hoo, he must be a racist. Shit no, liars, he's well connected with people who do the real fight against racism, who defend him. And actually a lot of Dems should burn in hell for THEIR failure to stand up for the victims of the rapist coyotes and illegals. But if some illegal busted their kid's @$$ like a catholic priest, I bet they'd suddenly get quiet religion on immigration real fast. And admit it if you're honest, if illegals voted heavily conservatively, I GUARANTEE YOU that Pelosi and Schumer b**ching about how we have to enforce the law. Guarantee you.

You know it's the truth. .

True, Trump sucks on standing rock and the environment and a hella lotta other important sh*t, but I get between the lines he's been good on a sh*tload of stuff you'd never hear about on CNN and all the rest of the BS corporate- and system- and swamp-owned media. And it's important and potentially big.

And you have not heard one tenth of the things about Hillary you should know and will never get on NPR or PBS etc.

I have no use for double standards from EITHER side, - and there are complete hypocrites on both. Yours is not an exception, and that's why I left it.

The 2-party system itself is a scam. Wise up and be fooled by neither.
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Why do conservatives get all upset when I call trump as a pussy grabbing, porn star f**king, race baiting shithole, but they don't seem to mind that he actually IS a pussy grabbing, porn star f**king, race baiting shithole?
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