Weighty Problem ...

Weighty Problem ... | How  come  10 ounces  of  water  weighs  more than  10  ounces  of  air ? | image tagged in memes,philosoraptor,quandry,weighty problem | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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The term "ounce" is used two weighs (pun definitely intended ! ...)

A "FLUID ounce", abbreviated fl. oz., is a measure of VOLUME, NOT weight. A quart contains 32 FLUID ounces.

For measuring WEIGHT, the term "ounce" means one-sixteenth of a pound.

Using more accurate terminology, the question would be "How come 10 FLUID OUNCES of water weigh more than 10 FLUID OUNCES of air?" (And I just realize the meme should say "ounces of water weigh more", not "weighs more".)
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And, yeah, it took me quite awhile to find out that "ounces" can mean "fluid" ounces.
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How come 10 ounces of water weighs more; than 10 ounces of air ?
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