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Funny tank memes for millitary week

Funny tank memes for millitary week | image tagged in tanks,oh look,penny,stop reading the tags | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
14,099 views 16 upvotes Made by kronkxzMemez 5 years ago
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its kinda not the same since you made it more original ?
and his was just a repost
and that pic is more sutible for this caption
if it said something else
like fire in the hole or something like that (that can been seen clearly) im 68.76% sure you would get more than or would have around 250 views (ofcourse it just a guess and im a horrible memeer o you dont have to take that advice seriously if you dont want to and excuse my english)
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I dunno there were many of that meme before him using those words with the template
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XD true
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I finally found the picture me and my friend put together
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