How the hell are Avenged Sevenfold and Creativity in ANY way related?

How the hell are Avenged Sevenfold and Creativity in ANY way related? | "CREATIVITY" | image tagged in memes,funny,powermetalhead,dr evil laser,avenged sevenfold,metalcore | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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UPVOTE!!! | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
To creativity! :)
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I too am a rocker from way back. I've listened to many of the ones that you've mentioned and you have some good taste in metal music. Growing up in the 70's I've listened to all the classic bands with heavy overtones to them. I love it. My was stationed in England when he was in the Air Force and, like me, is always looking for new metal to listen to. When he got back to the U.S. he all kinds of discs from European bands I never knew existed. Anyway, I'm rambling on. Listen to Iced Earth, Something Wicked This Way Comes. I also recommend Symphorce. Nice talking to you.
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As if I didn't already.I have a really good firend who plays electric guitar and Iced Earth is his second or third favourite metal band(the first one is Megadeth).Once he showed me this band,but this album before others,I lost my mind.The song that really killed me was "Dante's Inferno" from the album Burnt Offerings.It's his favourite Iced Earth song,as well as mine.While poeplpe usually thinks it's pain in the a** to listen to 10+ minute long songs,I find it quite enjoyable,since they're almost always packed with various melodies and unforgettable experiences.Some of my 10+ minute recommendations:

Blind Guardian - And Then There Was Silence.This is a must listen for every metalhead out there.I listened to a lot from various genres.But this song,it easily kills most of it.Sheer epicness in riffs,vocals(and believe it or not,they're all sung by one person),drumming and other instruments.The song is about the Fall of Troy with the begginning part representing the Romans coming to attack,the silent part representing their fall and ending they're about to experience,the second part of the song representing the battle,and the 2-minute ending representing the Fall of Troy(my favourite part of the song).It last 14 minutes,and I guarantee:You will enjoy every second of it

Helloween - Keeper of the Seven Keys.Oh my freaking God.I'm going to have a hard time finding the right words in Oxford dictionary to describe this outwordly and heavenly peace of art.every band member gave all they had and put it into this song.The song is about "The Keeper of the Seven Keys" on his way to lock the seven seas of sin,and kill Satan,and thus destroy all the evil on the world.Of course,there are symbolics in the song,with keys and seas representing seven deadly sins.The Keeper is Jesus Christ(I remeber the composer,Kai Hansen,saying that in one of his interviews)on his journey to vanquish all evil.Just like "And Then There Was Silence",this one is packed with bombastics riffs,awesome drumming,and vocals like I have never heard in my life before.The chorus is what makes this song outwordly the most.You can easily imgaine some fantasy land by listening to it,and I love it,being fan of epic stuff(Lord of the Rings,The Legend of Zelda etc).The song lasts 13 minutes,and just like the prevois one,you'll enjoy every second of it.

I'd recommend you more,but it seems that the length of comments is limited.Thanks for the talk and rock on,forceful!
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