Jesse . . . and Green Eggs and Ham

Jesse . . . and Green Eggs and Ham | Gather round, young leftist-elitist snow kingdom boys & girls . . . Once-upon-a-time, Reverend Jesse Jackson read *Green Eggs and Ham* on SN | image tagged in memes,green eggs and ham,jesse jackson,dr seuss | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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RIGHT ON, BABY! | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Directed to whom? Which post?
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to you - for this post!
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TY! The way it lined up on my screen, I wasn't sure if it was my meme or one of the other comments below it! :)
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Awe, poor pathetic little man. Racism is everywhere, isn't it? At least according to your pathetic and twisted little mind, it is. You're the type of sad excuse for a human being that sees racism in everything conservative Christians say or do. You're the guy that'll see a banana peel hanging from a tree and cry racism.

You're a sad, pathetic human being who's political rhetoric is dying a slow and painful death. Your champion is Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama who can't accept their loss to real Americans in the last election. Clinton going around blaming everyone but herself own dumb stupidity. The election was basically handed to her on a silver platter after she cheated her way through the primaries and she still a pathetic chump.

Pathetic, race-baiting liberal puke. Crting like little brats almost a year after losing the election. Still can't figure out what went wrong and still can't act like civil adults about it.

Oh, it must be because of racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist Americans who can't cope with change. Yeah, that must be it. Little peabrained liberals can't handle defeat by real Americans.

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Aaah, obviously residing in the trendy leftist political pressure cooker of rhetorical narratives and talking points. The land where inhabitants think as a collective---where the outsiders' failure or refusal to agree results in triggered emotions and outrage, the need for safe spaces, tantrums, crying, and violent rioting . . . not necessarily in that order. After all, "Resistence is futile," and "You will be assimilated," are the standards of your ilk. (You are) Amusing, though . . . even if only mildly so.
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Once-upon-a-time, Reverend Jesse Jackson read *Green Eggs and Ham* on SNL. For the record, it was a most memorable rendition. Gather round, young leftist-elitist snow kingdom boys & girls . . . So . . . shut your gobs about Dr. Seuss being racist. Quit tweeting about the stuff of which you know nothing. Besides, I hear your Mum is calling you to come upstairs for dinner. (By the by, when you retire for the evening to your bedquarters . . . in your Mum's basement . . . you may wish to do some reading. Might I suggest some NON-REVISIONIST history??? Hmmm?); ~~~~~anniegityergunoakley
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