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I CAN ONLY TELL YOU ONE THING ABOUT IT... | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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that there is no formula...
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Of course not. Your universe does not obey any (of course yet only scarcly known) mathematical laws of physics, This is obvious. It is totally arbitrary, you can clearly tell this, when you look at (your) nature, there are no mathematical-physical rules whatsoever, everything is pure fluke, and what is not pure fluke obeys the ad-hoc word of an old man with a beard sitting somewhere and dictating that in this moment it has to be like that, and in the next one like that. I congratulate you to yout great insight and hope you will win many followers with this great idea of a non-mathematical/physical universe. I can only guess that you are the assistant of the old man trying to help dictating him, because he might have lost sight of the too numerous events he has to dictate. OK, that's your universe, so please, you and your followers get off from mine, because mine is the most beautiful mathematical/physical universe one can imagine following the most intricate mahematical/physical law that nevertheless leaves freedom of will to everybody, yet still lets everything co-operate with everything in a most amazing way that shows up in our bodies and souls which experience the law in a direct way called feeling (and, of course, there are bad feelings,too, that is our freedom to experience). So your god and my god are very different - therefore, please do not try to make my universe to yours (you do not have the power, anyway, to achieve this). Go back with your followers to your universe of non-mathematical/physiacl law obeying your non-mathematical/physical god, I (and I think most people here) am not interested in losing our freedom to decide and obeying the dictate of an old man, and therefore will not follow you, we prefer to live according to a yet unknown mathematical-physical law being the same for everybody. Fair well!
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