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I say the latter...

I say the latter...  | image tagged in marvel,13 reasons why,rwby,game of thrones,mario,star wars | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Dunno about the others, but I have a feeling Roman would either try to convince them to help him take over the world of Remnant or threaten them with his cane to stay out of his way.
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Agreed you like RWBY to?
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Heck yeah I do! I can't wait for the new episode this Saturday.
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Well I'm only on season 2 ( i started like a week ago b/c i finaly found out the name of it and finaly had time 2 wach it) but i still love it!
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Spoiler for anyone who cares

Most of them are dead, so...
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I think they would be freinds 4 a while and then try and kill each other.
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Wario would just steal all of their money.
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