Rest In Peace Charlie Gard. Capitalism saves babies. Single payer kills babies.

Rest In Peace Charlie Gard. Capitalism saves babies. Single payer kills babies. | IF YOU STILL BELIEVE IN SINGLE PAYER HEALTH INSURANCE F**K YOU | image tagged in charlie,single payer,liberal hypocrisy,killing | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Uhm, Canada. Single payer. Sometimes a disease is rare enough that few doctors can accomidate. From my own personal experience, in 1986 age 16, I flew to Rochester Mn. for my rare heart condition to the Mayo clinic for pre-op and had my surgery at another hospital in Rochester. Paid for by my B.C. healthcare. At that time only one doctor in North America could perform said surger. In 2010, I had to undergo the same surgery again to replace a valve and by then I had 2 options of doctors here in Canada, one in Toronto, and 1in Edmonton. I chose Edmonton at the Mazonkowski Cardio vascular centre. Best hospital ever bin to, and bin to alot. So dont blame their health care system, it leads me to believe you found a short cut to thinking. Sometimes a disease is just that, a rare disease. Oh yeah, f**k you too.
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His parents raised over $1 million to bring him to the US and try an experimental treatment only available in the US. He had a chance for life, and his parents wanted to take that chance. The British government stepped in and said no. Would he have died even with the experimental treatment? It is likely. Was it his only chance? Yes. Did the British healthcare system rob him of that chance? Yes.

Was the experimental treatment for Charlie Gard created under the US's largely free market system? Yes. Was the surgery that saved your ignorant life pioneered at the Mayo Clinic under the US's free market system? Yes.

This shit doesn't happen under free market healthcare. Since Obamacare was signed, 80,000 people in the US are dying each year from the damage to our healthcare system.

And without the US's free market healthcare system you would not be here to spit hate at me. The death of this child enrages me, and the stupid lemmings who let it happen enrage me. You enrage me.
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First of all you're blaming the wrong people, it waz the beurocracy that prevented the family from bringing him to the US. Not the f**kin healthcare system. The f**king Doctor with tbe f**king experimental, remember "experif**kingmental" research even said that Charlie was too far gone. Our f**king health care system saves f**king thousands a day, now I dont know much about your guys' bullshit Obamacare or f**king health care, but I f**king well do know that her in Canada, no matter what the f**k goes on, we are f**king well taken care of. I pay $150 f**king dollars a month, and confident known that if I f**king hurt myself, get shot, hit by a car, fall out a tree, catch lyme disease or anything for that matter, I will be looked after, no f**king charge ya dummy. There are rare f**king diseases everyday that there are only "experimental" cures for, sometimes, and try and get this into your f**kin skull, a baby may be too week to survive these conditions and even if they do and if Charlie had survived, he may have only bin a vegetable with no quality of life. I f**kin know it sucks, My friends wife works in a NNICU unit and deals with sick, premature, underdeveloped, drug addicted babies, every f**king day, and some do die, and that f**king sucks, but not all can be saved. The real piss off should be, why did it cost a friend in the US $25,000 to have a baby a few months ago, while another friend had one here, and it cost him $35, because they wanted a private room. Now I'm f**king spewing hate because you have no f**king clue how our health care works, but you f**ktard politicians sure know how to f**k shit up.
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And besides, that's not what caused his death, research it.
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