Stolen Memes Week. Make memes and comments for the fun of it, not for the points. Thank you boredmeme.

Stolen Memes Week.  Make memes and comments for the fun of it, not for the points. Thank you boredmeme. | TRUTH AND WISDOM MAKE MEMES BECAUSE IT'S FUN | image tagged in super cool ski instructor,stolen memes week,boredmeme | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
241 views, 9 upvotes, Made by AndrewFinlayson 18 months ago super cool ski instructorstolen memes weekboredmeme
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Thank you for the upvotes:) This theme week was way more successful than I thought it would be. Things blew up at work unexpectedly this week and I had trouble keeping up with all the comments.
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Truth and wisdom from boredmeme. Make memes because it's fun and funny, not for the points.
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It would be nice to hit the front page once, instead of seeing the top users memes always there even when they suck, simply because they are the top users.
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I see front pagers by new users or non-top users. I don't keep track of them though. Do you want my advice or some pointers on how to get on the front page?
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Sure, I'd love to hear it, but if it involves facebook, it won't do me any good, because I am not participating in that CIA program.
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No Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit needed. I've seen a few new users make the front page with their first meme.
Part of it is luck and timing, part is content. Relatable memes are good but political or religious memes can cut your audience in half. Good times to submit memes made with popular templates or user teplates that have been used before seem to be weekdays early morning 6-7am, 10-11am US eastern time so they get featured for the before work and lunchtime rush. Custom template memes are tricky, can take 15 minutes to 19 hours or more to feature, sometimes they never feature. I seem to average about 1 front page creation for every 70 to 80 submissions. I think my first two front pagers were cat gifs. Maybe look on giphy or Google for funny or cute gifs and try submitting one of those. I hope that helps.
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