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Crying kids | World Leaders After Trump refuses to fund their climate scam | image tagged in crying kids | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Good one!
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Climate "scam"? Alright, in the middle of this winter, when I went outside I had to wear a T-Shirt. I LIVE IN MICHIGAN! And let me drop a few knowlage bombs on you, GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL JACKASS! AND WHAT KIND OF PERSON FINDS PICTURES OF NAKED CRYING KIDS ANYWAY? And here's a few reasons why global warming exists.
And don't worry, this one sees your side to.
Now, read them. Read them long and hard. Or never read them and just bring up my next point. If you never see the other side, then how valid is your argument? Honestly, just read them. I don't feel like starting flame wars, but honestly. If you like Trump and your in the middle class or lower, or the republican party in general, then you should see actual news. Fox "News" dosn't count. Only 10% of Fox news is bonified truth. Another 12% is ALMOST true, as is likely just a mistake. The other 48% is what you republicans call a Hillary speech. As in lies. Half-Truths to Pants on fire. This is my source:
And you can check out other news programs to as see how fake THEY are. Of course Trump thinks all news that isn't good news for his is fake news, but hopefully you have a slightly more open mind. Note that the truth and false counts are only 100% true and 100% false, in between was not considered.
ABC (19% truth, but 18% false)
CBS (36% truth, but a whopping 27% false)
NBC (12% truth, but more false at 17%)
CNN (16% true, 14% false)
So while Fox isn't the only fake news, it is the most fake. I'm sorry if I came off as rude. I honestly hate arguing, but right wings like you really are the scum of America. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and even if mine isn't the same as yours, I'll try to respect it. And why do I have a feeling there will be a triggered joke in the replies to this comment?
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see my 97% memes. Feel free to continue to drink the Kool Aid .. if you haven't realized how they fudge the numbers you probably will never research it enough to be skeptical. You do realize the maximum projected result of the Paris agreement was less than .5 degree Celsius at the cost of around 100 trillion dollars. Do you really think that was going to have any impact of global warming even if it is being caused by humans? Did you also realize there is nothing binding and that china can continue to build coal plants for years to come? This was all about redistribution of money and government control over energy and the people. But on the off chance you have some intellectual curiosity review the scientific method and what it means to the theory when the models do not predict the rise correctly. Also look in ozone depletion and the video Have a great night.
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how do you know the kids are naked? do you have uncropped originals stored in your porn folder or something? those are all templates from the library here.
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Ah. Well I was mistaken on that note.
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World Leaders; After Trump refuses to fund their climate scam
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