Impeach Comrade Drumpf NOW

Impeach Comrade Drumpf NOW | "COVFEFE" Russian for "IMPEACH ME NOW" clh | image tagged in comrade trump covfefe impeach drumpf | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Tell me what he has done for russia right now b**ch? Like Hillary and the uranium one deal where russia gets 20 percent of our uranium and the clinton foundation gets millions. Or how obama told the russian ambassador he would have more flexibility on americas nuclear program after his second election? So tell me you lying traitor coward c**t
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Mike is one of K.K.K.omrade Drumpf base of Neo nazi or ku klux klan fine fine people! He blindly supports a five time draft dodging serial lying craven fake patriot white supremacist like he is and just what apart of the one point 2 trillion in tax cuts did you get??? Gm rank and file workers ate the grifters BS they are unemployed!!! Haw haw sucker you bought his maga hat and ties for 90 dollars made in China by red commie slaves can you spell your brain dead stupid? The grifter and thief will tell you his feces is rum raisin ice cream you would fight like a brave to eat it straight from his anus!
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Mikehigglons-you actually SWALLOWED that slop that the Trump camp flung in your face? Hillary did not sell our uranium to Russia;it was a Canadian company that got those mineral rights & at the time of purchase it was NOT Russian! TRUMP is the traitor-but you don't care-because you already KNEW EXACTLY where Trump got his funding! AND his "assist"into office! Incidentally, do you EVER follow the news? Trump has done everything but spread his flabby old posterior for Putin-why else would he slap Canada with a steel tariff because they won't pleasure Putin like TRUMP does?
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clh; "COVFEFE"; Russian for "IMPEACH ME NOW"
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