Trump on coal energy

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Seriously? To make your point you have to use a photo from over a century ago? This is 2017 and we have all sorts of amazing technology created by really smart people. That is to say, people that are not you. We carry around computers that run on batteries and are connected 24/7 to a global information network - wirelessly! It just stands to reason if we can do THAT, then the odds are we can create ways to use coal that do not screw with the environment.

But using information that was out of date A CENTURY AGO just makes you look like a moron. We get it. You hate Trump. Whoop-de-friggin'-do. So does half of America. It's just downright boring to proclaim your Trump hatred in public. Why? Because it's not original anymore! It's like watching the same boring TV show over and over and over and over and over again. You would have to be completely stupid to think people are thrilled to see this re-run again!

If you can't generate an original thought using up-do-date information in the huge melon on top of your shoulders, please do us all a HUGE favor and just STFU. Contrary to your belief, we have heard this all before.
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