Thanks to all of those that gave all.

Thanks to all of those that gave all. | IF YOU WEAR ONE OF THESE THEN EVERY DAY IS MEMORIAL DAY | image tagged in memorial bracelet,memorial day | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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What about those that didn't, but act like they do?
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Not exactly sure where you're going with that, I think you need to clarify...

My point with the original meme and its title is that Memorial Day is meant to honor those that made the ultimate sacrifice by laying down their lives in a war. That is what I meant by those that gave all.

That's why your comment doesn't make sense. It's reaaaaly hard to pretend that you were killed in a war. I'm not sure how one would do that or if I've ever heard of that.

If you're referring to those scumbags that are commiting Stolen Valor, yes those people are out there and they should all suck on a 12 gauge.

If you're curious or confused about the bracelet, those are usually worn by people who have lost family, comrades, or friends. So for them, yes, every day is Memorial Day. Back to where I started, Memorial day isn't just a three day weekend or a way for every store and car dealer to have a cool sale. It is a solemn day of remembrance for a lot of people.
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Yes, it's kinda like the Stolen Valor thing. Also, those are like "I was in [insert relevant branch], so you should worship the ground I walk upon, even if I've never seen combat or gotten a scratch on me." So, I didn't mean it offensively to the memory of those lost or their families, it's just.... yeah.

My dad was in the Navy, I had two friends who were in the Air Force, but fortunately they're all still alive and not suffering from any kind of PTSD (that I know of).
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