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It's going to be more of the same old same old. No changes. Only to keep moving further to the right. Already Eisenhower is beginning to look like a progressive, FDR Democrat than today's Democrats.
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I've heard it said that America is a "Center-Right" country. The Democrats have moved so far to the Left that I just don't know how palatable they are gonna be to the country in the future if they don't re-evaluate the direction they're headed. And it's strange to me that there was so much hatred against Trump, because he always seemed like the perfect blend of moderate and conservative principles. Many of his positions have been echoed by both Republican and Democrat Presidents in the past. I always thought he was gonna win, and I guess I was right. And I am very glad Hillary is not our President.
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I'm glad she isn't president, either. She didn't stand a snowball's chance in hell. She was too far away from the thoughts of the American public. I was a Bernie supporter because he has shown that he worked for the American people and what was right. He had a moral compass so missing in American politics.

I don't think President Trump has that moral compass. Time will tell.

To look at the polls from a year ago, Trump would have been the easiest candidate for Hillary to beat. But the numbers were too close. But Trump knew and understood what Americans wanted to hear, and he went out among the people and said it. Anyone that went to a Trump rally before the convention did so because they wanted to be inspired by what he said. Hillary, with the emotional range of a dishrag, could not inspire, and I mean INSPIRE people like Trump.

In a left wing discussion on Facebook, and there are still many Hillbots there. The cry was that if it weren't for Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein, Hillary would be president. I commented that if Hillary had gotten the nomination fairly, that might be the case, but since she didn't, we have Trump in the White House. Of course, Hillbots tried to flame me.

It would have been an exciting election had Sanders gotten the nomination. He has the cleanest record on Capitol Hill, has shown that he can work with both parties, and has a way of getting what needs to be done done.

I've said all along that the GOP didn't put Trump in the White House, the DNC did.

It won't be easy for him. Those not happy are going to make his presidency as difficult as Obama had. They look at it as payback.
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