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This always leaves pro-choicers scrambling (you needn't include my opinion on birth control pills if you disagree with it):

I assume you would accept science's explanation of the facts.

There is an official scientific definition of LIFE. It is why viruses are NOT classified as LIFE. You can find this definition in EVERY high school and college level biology textbook. At conception, the zygote meets ALL the qualifications to be defined as LIFE.

The zygote possesses 46 HUMAN chromosomes. Chimpanzees have 46 chromosomes, but they are not HUMAN. A genetic profile of the zygote would be classified as HUMAN.

Finally, there is a differentiation in cells from the mother. There is a clearly separate genetic profile in the cells of the zygote from the mother's cells. Therefore, it is NOT the mother's body, but a SEPARATE HUMAN LIFE.

I will make the following concession: birth control pills prevent implantation, so a strict definition of life beginning at conception would cause these medications to be classified as abortion drugs, and I'm not ready to do that. But once implantation takes place, I think the embryo should be allowed to develop.

You don't have to be religious to believe that abortion is murder.
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Third World Skeptical Kid Meme | SO YOU'RE TELLING ME FORCED PREGNANCIES SHOULD BE FORCED TO TERM? | image tagged in memes,third world skeptical kid | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
If the conditions of the fertilization are "normal" and the fetus develops into the 2nd trimester "normally" I would agree. Where I disagree are the exceptions to the rule such as: forced intercourse and severe, non-curable or lethal conditions which causes the fetus or child to die young, often in unfathomable pain.

All I'm saying is if we eliminate abortion completely the suffering will continue and may possibly get worse. I agree completely it should never be used as a birth control method or without a predetermined reason.
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I'm not comfortable picking and choosing what medical conditions are abortable, because it raises a question of where you draw the line, and might lead to abuse. Not to mention that medical advances are made every day. The future is NOT certain.

I've heard of aborting because a DNA test showed the embryo had Down Syndrome. I have a cousin who is now 44 with Downs. She has had a loving family all her life. She has thoughts and feelings. They're not the same thoughts and feelings that you or I have, but they are no less legitimate. She is no less a person than anyone.

Children of **pe CAN have difficulties in life due to the circumstances of their conception, but many go on to have normal lives with loving families, too. Again, the future is not set. That HUMAN LIFE should have a chance to become who they will be. The innocent HUMAN LIFE shouldn't be given the death penalty, for the father's crime. It's not the embryo's fault that the father chose to commit the **pe. I agree that it's a tragic result for the woman, but so would be getting an STD from the rapist.
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See, now we're getting to the heart of it all - morality and circumstance. The abortion debate has been going on for a long time. Each culture views abortion differently and cultures change with time: adopting new ideas or morals, altering preexisting conceptions and even eliminating them. The arguments of today are no less valid than they were 30 years ago and not much changed when it comes to abortion though.

There will always be advances in medical technology, but as you said, the future is not certain. We cannot begin to know the challenges and breakthroughs of the future so we must focus on the present. Currently there are severe fetal issues or guaranteed early childhood problems with many causing death quickly. Most people want to preserve life and even more so their own offspring. But who are we to determine what impact the child will have on the parent or parents? Prenatal and postnatal care are very expensive but to add extensive medical costs and or long-term care after birth? It can destroy a family and leave them destitute. Some don't believe they can handle the cost with the emotional impact of what is known to be a short, often painful or difficult life.

Adoption is not always an option as people are more interested in healthy babies rather than those which will require medical care. Not very many people adopt as it is, but adding children with conditions such as Downs will almost certainly not get adopted. Those children will remain in the foster care system then likely be on their own when they reach adulthood. I doubt they'll have a quality life they love.

I believe life should be preserved when possible. I also believe people should have a choice whether they want to keep the baby or not - though under specific conditions we've been talking about. I also believe a survivor of **pe should always have the choice as the act was not consensual.

There are always exceptions to the rule.
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. PRO-CHOICE | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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And to face the consequences of that decision. Sex makes babies.
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Planned Parenthood should be defunded...
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