DO YOU THINK THAT STUDENTS SHOULD LOSE THEIR SCHOLARSHIPS FOR RIOTING? | image tagged in riot | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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YES!!!! I do!!!
And they should have to do community service to pay back all the damage they did.
If they want to be students... the first thing they should learn is RESPECT!
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I feel the same way. Plus it's bad publicity for their schools. They shouldn't be cast in a bad light because some students made stupid choices.
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Sure we all were young and stupid at one time when we were young and look back and think "what was I think??
But this Goes way beyond dumb things college kids normally do...
This is straight up anarchy!
This crosses the line between right and wrong a long way back!
When I was young, I staged a protest that got me 5 minutes of fame and brought shame to my school...
It was dumb... bordering on ridiculous... and got me in MTV NEWS... but I felt horrific afterwards...
And I did not vandalize anything ... it was a dumb thing... which I am still embarrassed about.
And totally benign in comparison to what these kids did...
And even back then... in 1984... the president of the university said if he found out who brought shame to the college they would be immediately expelled ...
I was terrified!!
Some time passed, memories faded and tempers cooled and I went to the president and confessed my guilt.
He realized it was a dumb teenage thing and admonished me to focus on keeping up my 4.0.
Thank heavens I was not expelled!!!
I seriously thought I would be!

Like I said... what I did was nothing compared to this past few days!
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yep, any felonies should result in a temporary cut in their schalorship, theyd have to get a job, then maybe they'd realize how hard it is to purchase expensive shit like limo's and such.
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It's too late now.
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