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No one gives a shit about Trumps tax returns because, unless he broke tax law, it's 100% irrelevant. If he did break tax law, the IRS would already be all over it.
I think people believing Obama was born outside the U.S. was silly, BUT it was relevant as to whether or not he was legally eligible for the office of President.
Admittedly, they were clearly looking for a loophole to disqualify a candidate they disliked. Trumps tax returns would not provide that loophole. The tax code allows for deductions, tax credits, subsidies, ect. that may have made him pay zero (or even less) in taxes. Him taking advantage of a tax code (that he did not write) is normal. I take my earned income and child tax credits. (I pay a negative tax because I'm poor)
The problem is with the tax code, not Trumps presumed use of it, and you don't need to see HIS returns to find these problems in the tax code.
As for the Russian hacking of DNC emails (not the election, although that is the phrase the media uses) simply highlighted Hillary's corruption. If evidence presents itself that Trump actively collaborated with Russia on the hacking, it would be evidence of treason, and would disqualify Trump, BUT evidence is that it is just another of many foreign hacks that the media is placing undue emphasis on because it showed Hillary in a negative light.
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