Socialism is Communism , It Doesnt Work !

Socialism is Communism , It Doesnt Work ! | PEOPLE SUPPORTING "SOCIALISM" MUST NOT REMEMBER RUSSIA WAS THE "UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS" | image tagged in memes,that would be great | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Communism and socialism all forget about the most basic human emotion that runs the economy: Greed.
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Wanting to keep what you earn without some leech trying to take it?... that's not greed.
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Exactly.. My point is that capitalism is the only system that keeps the greed of people in power under control. Crony capitalism is actually just the corruption of socialism without the alleged benefits of the system
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The oldest, largest, most powerful empire in all of human history is a 'Socialist' nation. How can you say it doesn't work?
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None have been in existence as socialists for 1/3 the time our Republic has been in existence. 68 years for China and those people live in poverty under an oppressive Govt. compared to us... buy a clue dude !
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Uh, Mooseman, we've had socialist programs before we were a nation.

The oldest socialist program on the books is, of course, the US Post Office. Benjamin Franklin was the first postmaster general, not only as a subject of the crown, but continued to hold it after we became a nation, ensuring the service stayed to serve our new nation. Don't think it works? Compare how much it will cost to mail out your Christmas cards with the alternatives, like UPS or FedEx. The average card cost less than 50¢ to mail. The same card with either service, is over $5.

The first socialist health care program was set up in 1792, IIRC. It's still in service to this day. The same socialist mindset came about to create our rail system and creating homesteads.

No, socialist programs helped build this country. Our biggest worry today is going to reverse it from the ogliarchy it's become.
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Full Definition of socialism
: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property
b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state
: a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done.
I have never heard any say the Post Office was socialist . England wasnt socialist , so I don't know how a service that we pay for is socialist , now welfare is socialist !
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Corporate or individual welfare? No difference. If a business is going to accept the various forms of welfare, they should also be under the same restrictions, or similar, that individual welfare recipients are. I mean, folks that draw welfare have to meet very stringent guidelines. Of course. The very first thing that a business would have to do is divesy itself of any stocks the corporation owns: even stock in the company itself.

Now I'm getting silly. We don't have to worry about socialism or communism at this time: our big worry is ogliarchy.
Simple Definition of oligarchy
: a country, business, etc., that is controlled by a small group of people
: the people that control a country, business, etc.
: government or control by a small group of people

I know, I sound like Bernie Sanders. I'd been using the word Fascism
For a long time until I was corrected, but reading up on it, I would say we have an ogliarchy that is powerful enough to destroy our nation while citizens continue pounding their chests and saying how free we ate. We are going through a worse ogliarchy than England had when our ancestors revolted. (Yes, I had ancestors in the rebutionary war. They've been coming from Europe, literally, for centuries. Even ha a few on the Mayflower I recently discovered)

Stop and look at how the tax structure has changed since 1950. At the time corporations tax rate was 90%, everybody had decent paying jobs: they earned enough to have a decent life. Even minimum wage earners could live comfortably. When GM signed the contract with the UAW in the fifties, their president referred to it as a social contract with America. Today, American industry has shirked that contract. It started in the 70s, as corporations resorted to fear tactics to control their employees. By the 90s, I noticed that regardless of the industry, the more cutbacks that were made, the more money the CEOs made in bonuses.

How were they able to do that? Guess who was buying our elected officials.v

The first thing after Hillary accepted the nomination, her corporate overlords scurried out from under the rocks where they hid during the primaries.

Trump beat the corporate sponsored candidates because the GOP didn't rig the primaries like the DNC. They listened to what their people wanted.

Can Trump overcome the ogliarchy, both at the polls and, if he's elected, in office? I hope the hell he can. Too bad he can't call elected officials and say you're fired
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Great Britain... How's that for the clue I bought. The Oldest...The Largest... Most powerful nation in all of human history... It's Socialist.
Use google. Look up the international census. The USA is about to drop off the top 10 list of free nations for human rights and liberties. The people of Hong Kong have more human rights than americans. You don't have to buy a clue, they're free on google.
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Great Britain is a Monarchy and not even listed in the socialist country list. You can believe whatever you want , and I'm sure if you don't Like The USA you can move to Hong Kong , where at least they have jobs and manufacturing and the average wage is 1949.00 (USD) a month !
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