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Logical Obama

Logical Obama |  START YOUR DREAMS | image tagged in obamapoint,president,funny meme,white house,sweet dreams,first world problems | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
995 views 1 upvote Made by Trilli2000 6 years ago
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He's not the worst president in history, despite many opinions to the contrary.
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He isn't infact. He gave to American people a new different point of view. In my opinion he was the best president and now the only hope for America is Hillary Clinton.
P.S: Sorry for my English. I'm italian and I have to improve it.
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Your English is very good. I voted for President Obama the last time because I didn't want another billionaire who pretends to understand the issues of the 90%. All presidents make some decisions I don't like. Universal healthcare should be affordable like it has been in Europe. Too many Americans (like my son, etc) could not afford to pay for it WHILE working full time. I thought Reagan was a great president, but recently I've changed my mind because the rich keep getting richer & the war on drugs helped make our prison industry prosper at the expense of hundreds of thousands of families torn apart for decades. Seen too many of those in 27 years as a postino.
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i cant vote, so im not dealing with that crap
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yay me
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