Full story in the New York Post from July 24, 2016

Full story in the New York Post from July 24, 2016 | MEET MALIK OBAMA HE'S BARACK'S HALF BROTHER. AND HE'S VOTING FOR TRUMP! | image tagged in obamas half brother votes for trump,donald trump | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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NOT EVERY OBAMA IS A TURD | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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WELCOME TO THE GOOD SIDE MALIK! | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I hadn't heard of this lol. Tells you everything you need to know about Obama.
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Picard Wtf Meme | NOW THAT'S INTERESTING | image tagged in memes,picard wtf | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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He's come out against abortion. Publicly. We know her position.
He's pro 2nd Amendment and pro Gun Rights. She wants all guns banned.
He's for Energy Independence. She wants us dependent on foreign oil.
He's ready to annihilate ISIS. She created ISIS.
He wants stronger borders. She wants NO borders.
He wants to repatriate trillions by better tax policy. She wants higher business taxes.
He's against ridiculous trade policies that favor OTHER nations. She is clueless and wants TPP and NAFTA.
He acquired his wealth by creating things. She garnered her wealth via donations.
He wants to end Obamacare. She wants to expand it.
He wants school choice. She wants nothing to do with it.
He wants to expand the military. She wants to constrict it.
He says EPA is too restrictive. She wants a more powerful EPA.
He's against minority quotas. She supports them.
He's against Black Lives Matter. She seeks their support.
He hasn't been scandal ridden for his entire life. Hillary?
Rose Law Firm scandal.
Whitewater scandal.
Hillary-care scandal.
White House travel office scandal.
Illegal use of White House to acquire campaign contributions.
Allowing her grifting brothers access to the federal government to enrich themselves.
Terrorizing Bill Clinton's harem of former mistresses to keep them quiet and discredit them.
The Clinton Foundation scandals.
Her private email system scandal.
Benghazi scandal. Any public testimony she has given on any subject was a lie.
The destruction of US foreign policy and alliances.

There are VAST differences between these two candidates.
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Trump pro-abortion: http://goo.gl/RYrS26
Trump gun control advocate: http://goo.gl/GlD74m
Trump single payer healthcare: https://goo.gl/aCGyWF
Trump friends with Hillary: http://goo.gl/KD2RWN
Trump's mob ties: https://goo.gl/odwxXb
The truth is, Trump stands for NOTHING but himself. He'll say and do literally anything that moves him forward, and screw you over later. The best I can say for Hillary is that she's less of a liar when it comes to her policies (and that's REALLY saying something).
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I understand the Trump hatred (fear) ... really, I do. But people DO change and evolve over time. You probably think differently about various issues than you did 20 years ago.

As far as abortion, multiple people in the Republican Party are pro-choice. His stance on gun rights is better articulated by his website (https://www.donaldjtrump.com/) than a website dedicated to guns and his stance on a single payer system of healthcare has changed (as have MANY people's stance) since the disaster of Obamacare has started coming to fruition.

Friends with Hillary ... Romney celebrated Trump and said that Trump was a better businessman. So what? All businesspeople do the things necessary to help their businesses. Hell, I've even donated to Democrats that were in a position to help me personally too.

And I'd rather have someone tied to the mob (that's a joke, right?) than someone tied to Saudi Arabian, or Syrian, or Iraqi, or UAE terrorists. Someone who hasn't accepted millions upon millions in donations while she was the freaking' Secretary Of State.

Has his stances on some issues been more fluid? Yep. So what?

He wasn't my first choice either but I'll take my chances with him, knowing his published stance on all the other issues (immigration, gun rights, trade, energy, school choice, corporate taxes, individual taxes, the military) than her and her scandal-ridden highly Leftist positions. Any. Day. Of. The. Week.
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A few clarifications. I am not afraid. I simply do not trust him at all. I have never seen a single evidence of scruples, principles, or any evidence of conviction on any particular topic. I watched the debates, too. By all accounts, he is willing to say whatever it is he thinks the majority wants to hear. I did not support Mitt Romney either. When I was 16 years old, I wrote down everything that I could think of that I believed and why I believed it. I then evaluated those beliefs for evidence, and I change many of them at that time. I have not made many changes since, even though I've revisited and expanded that list. There are many evidences of Trump being tied to the Mob, including giving them another foothold in Las Vegas after they were driven out. Basically, I do not see enough of a difference between the two to choose. I will choose someone else. Like I said, I voted for someone else other than Mitt Romney in the last election, and his name was not Obama. I will be voting third-party yet again.
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Sorry to hear your mind can never be changed on anything ... good luck with that.
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It can be changed, but you'll need to be right to change it. For instance, when in high school, I took part in a debate style bible study. One week, we were asked if allowing stress to affect us was morally wrong. I took the side that it was because stress can cause a large variety of health issues. I argued the point until one guy said, "Jesus' sweat was like blood at Gethsemane. I call that serious stress." He was right, and I immediately conceded the argument.
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Nice try, but your first two links reference material from 16 years ago. People become educated realize their previous stance was wrong. Have you never realized you were previously wrong about anything?
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He changes his stance all the time...all the freaking time. He has no convictions, or consistency (unless being a yuuuuuge jerk counts). It's not just one or two things, it's basically his entire platform. I love Muslims, ban them from the country. This work visa is wrong and needs to be banned, I use it for my employees all the time and got my current wife here on it! Guns! Abortion! Health Care! Time and time again, he has shown himself to be the biggest liar in the modem political age. And he's very corrupt in his business dealings...why anyone would expect different of his political career, I don't know.
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