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stick go shing shing

162,520 views 562 upvotes Made by Antares-soldier 2 years ago in fun
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also 14 year old me:
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I felt that
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Smash Bros. | Stick | image tagged in smash bros | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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"Show me good time, Jack!"
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me and the boys:
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So I'm still six
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*also eleven year old me
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sword not stick
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me and my brother after finding a long stick:
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Memories broken
The truth goes unspoken
I’ve even forgotten my name

I don’t know the season
Or what is the reason
I'm standing here holding my blade

A desolate place (place)
Without any trace (trace)
It’s only the cold wind I feel

It’s me that I spite
As I stand up and fight
The only thing I know for real

There will be blood-shed
The man in the mirror nods his head
The only one left
Will ride upon the dragon’s back

Because the mountains don’t give back what they take
Oh, no, there will be blood-shed
It’s the only thing I’ve ever known

Losing my identity
Wondering: Have I gone insane?
To find the truth in front of me

I must climb this mountain range
Looking downward from this deadly height
And never realizing why I fight
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Now I see you deny your stick it's purpose!
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When your making the mother of all om… what are your doing?

Col stik
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There will be bloodshed
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50% sword, 50% gun
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that's 8 yo me when i used to actually go outside
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10k views yet no comments lol
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True facts tho
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6 year old me after finding a cool stick in the yard: