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That escalated quickly

57,485 views 347 upvotes Made by Blaziken. 3 weeks ago
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Angry Crowd | LET'S JUST SIT HERE BORED LET'S ALL DESTROY THAT DOG | image tagged in angry crowd | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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That’s not a dog XD
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I'm seeing the spotted cat as being the leader in an attack on something to the left that we can't see.
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Oh I thought they were just attacking the spotted cat 😂🤣
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Could be 😂, I'm just explaining how my dog theory is possible
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Will Ferrell - Well That Escalated Quickly | image tagged in will ferrell - well that escalated quickly | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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cat: *moves*
other cats: *it’s on now*
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Ok then
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Lol this is the classroom when suddenly someone sees something rare outside.
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Those cats: Ima get ya.
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this is almost like the minions when that one minion had an apple after they’d all been fighting over a banana
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Me and boys following the leader on a raid be like:
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cat on the end says lets go over all the other cats, to the other side of the bench to go around it. all the other cats say jump over the bench
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