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Rubiks Cube Building Facade Puzzle

6,827 views 71 upvotes Made by djshay12 8 years ago
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4 ups, 8y
That's pretty cool!
2 ups, 8y
Well... I guess everything HAS been done now.
3 ups, 8y
i can do better
2 ups, 8y
Shut up, showoff
3 ups, 7y
that is so yolo
4 ups, 7y
Futurama Fry Meme | BUT . . . HOW DO THEY KNOW WHICH CUBES ARE ON THE BOTTOM? | image tagged in memes,futurama fry | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
4 ups, 6y,
1 reply
Sometimes I don't get what people are disliking you gotta be pretty lame to dislike this.....
3 ups, 6y,
1 reply
trolls probably
2 ups, 6y,
1 reply
You...You're one of the original users on Imgflip, aren't you! What was it lilke?
3 ups, 6y,
2 replies
It's gotten a lot more juvenile since the beginning. The users are a lot younger now
0 ups, 6y
Like me! And when you say more juvenile, it that for better or worse?
0 ups, 6y,
1 reply
Actually, Are you so sure? Look at the first ever meme on Imgflip.;page=10627
0 ups, 6y
Sorry. Pages keep changing. The actual link is:
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0 ups, 4y
WHOA! such cool much awasome
0 ups, 3y
amazing dude
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