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WOW, THAT IS COOL! | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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PUT THE DOTS TOGETHER YOU'RE AN ALL-STAR | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Not WoW, we're gonna play D&D. It'll be fun. There won't be any learning curve. It's what the whole site was playing before.
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D IX YUP | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
We have a living one in Canada. Not sure if dragon or king. Likely both.
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OMG, Peterson. Learned at Harvard ... Gender or not gender vs. sex, that is the question - but the idiots never debate with facts: how many male and how many female cells do you have in your body (most people have both); which hemisphere is dominant (unambiguous tests for this); how good is the connection between the hemispheres (unambiguous facts for this), etc. In German you have just one word fro sex and gender (Geschlecht), and that is unambiguosly defined by your genitals. The "gender" is seen as a character trait. It is so interesting, how your mother tongue can influence your way of thinking!!! German is very suited for science, English for poetry (although German is too), but less for science. Problem: most native English speakers don't speak a second language. That is a huge disadvantage for the development of the brain!
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I knew Peterson taught at Harvard, didn't know he went there?
I joined up with a small hardcore Peterson group on YouTube, so i could have ongoing conversations with fans instead of just yelling at the see.

I wouldn't say English is for poetry, although the island dynamic does create an insular echo effect.

I listen to Toronto-based radio, and when i type to you, i notice words related to our ongoing conversation.

I'm not entirely sure about how German works, but i suspect it has deep Latin origins (the Romans just stole all their technology), aside from it's Jewish roots. It could be a literal blackhole for idea-crystallization. It didn't civilize until something like the 19th century... although it's also possible that it never civilized, and instead turned into judgemental hellhole for a century, before killing off most of the Jews, and subsequently turning the state into a robotic shadow of it's former self.

Perhaps that's why Merkel is so desperate to invite in any sort of coherant belief system.

As for gender, anima and animus are real, and they appear to be a targeting systems for procreation.

At this point, however, it's difficult to tell if 'being a different gender' makes you crazy.

The radio advertisement i'm listenning to just claimed that 1 in 3 women have a mental disease (and hence need donations).

It's either going to collapse the global university system, or, if global economic conditions worsen, it'll be every 1%er for themselves.

Although that's more Peterson's theory, with some minor adaptations from me.

It's unfortunate that progressively minded people attempting to shield Trans individuals.

Almost without exception, they were hit with an incident that caused extreme mental trauma that transformed into gender dissociation. Maybe a few went so crazy they came back around to sane, but it's unlikely. A continuing focus on them is causing the toxicity to spread.

The internet is producing communism so fast it's actually kind of funny. It's making people hide in one-dimensional archetypes.

This place has captured all-kinds of Christs and Gods. They're being blinded by the top of the hierarchy, since the top's speech is so heavily crystallized and dense by nature of their position.

We're building gods.

But, then again, i'm in my own bubble, being Spiritual and all.

/end rant/
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Thanks for the long rant! This very likely assures that no trolls will read our chat. Since I am not any longer "spiritual", but replace everything with science (see Bible, John 1,1, in the original Geek [not the idiotic translations!!!!!] - "ho logos"), I have no problem with religions, they interest me from a historical point of view. And regarding "listen to Toronto-based radio, and when i type to you, i notice words related to our ongoing conversation." - I know this "entanglement" effect, it can be funny sometimes (but sometimes also a little awkward). I give you an email address where you can contact me (siegland(at)gmail.com), if you wish - I would sometimes like to tell you a little more than I can do here. And 1 out of 3 women have a mental deisease - well , I would say 1 out of 2 men have a menal disease, too, I call it "shut-down of the mirror neurons".
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Ohhh, men are all crazy, the Y chromosome is damaged. Technically, not being Jewish means you're crazy.
If you bother reading the diagnostic manual.
I mean, they're right... but it's really funny.

Remember, if you have two personalities you're not crazy.

Perhaps an exception for Christians? Lol.

I don't really email, which is to say, i need to make another one.

Also, sorry for ragging on Germany. It's easy to do since Canada has a spotless record, other than poisoning the natives and converting them to Christianity.
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I don't really either. And bragging on Germany - that's the usual stuff, I don't mind. I thought about it deeply enough. We are so old here (in contrast to you people over there) that a lot of bad stuff was to be expected, because there was a lot of great stuff (regarding culture) on the other hand Of course we suffered after WW2 (enormous brain drain), but we are gradually recovering, after having learned this gigantic 20th century lesson. I am glad to live were I live - fro example: quite near to where I live is an unchanged place where Mozart had been, when you go there you feel his vibrations. You wouldn't have anything like that in Canada. You have the nature and the Indians, but not Mozart or Heisenberg or ... etc. (many), And one and a half hours by car from here they have found the oldest artifacts (little statues) of mankind so far found. Adn reagrding people from Near East: why teh hell have the descendants of two half brothers battle each other for millenia? That is not so smart, I think, from neither side.
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You mean the story of Jacob the usurper? (Not half-brothers) Although i did find some greek and india origins...

It's about the most capable rising to the top.

It is a post-exodus response to Egypt's strict class system (probably, Egypt was feminist by the time of Christ, i think).

The meme is a modern Japanese parody, about actual half-brothers.

As for what Canada has, it's more accurate to think of it as America, except colder, and scattered, so everyone agreed (originally) that it was a frozen hell, and to fight that instead. *shrug*

Interestingly, our high immigration level is going to keep Canada from collapsing, or, more precisely, prevent the Europe from dragging us down, since the culture isn't all that old. The poorer middle-class arabs balance out the wealthy asians, and it's all overseen by the white Laurentian(river) Nobles like Trudeau.

America is shutting borders and reverting to their south vs north dynamic. I assume Germany is also having this problem with the east and west, since everything east of the wall knows feminism is just **pe-culture with a smile.

All those artifacts and such sound super-cool btw.

(I don't follow india culture that much. My understanding of it is that it's large-family oriented, and all the gods are complicated, as such. I dunno, maybe that's what Hitler was doing with the swastika. A repopulation strategy, or maybe just pushing something distinctly non-jewish.)

Also, there's a myth that people that have been dead for more than a 1000 years become gods. I assume that's because if someone remembers you after 1000 years, you were definately somebody, lol.

Anyway, YouTube's algorithm directed me to a really old BlackPigeonSpeaks video, that detailed German plans to become a minority within 20-30 years.

It's funny because the 'not Jewish' Germans want to form an underclass out of an abrahamic religion.

All the **pe is just going to make Germany invite more Muslims.

It's a downward spiral.

Bluntly, i'd leave like it's 1933.

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SpiritualFox, I'l write you now something that you probably will not like. But I have to tell you what I think.

You are lost in the maze, you cannot think clearly and completely logically. I suppose it's a mental disease (as you know I had one, too), I guess it's a borderline syndrom or similar thing. You fall for all kinds of conspiracy stuff without being able to tell which of it could become real and which doesn't have a chance.
Furthemore, you have a clear lack of knowledge. I was talking of Abraham iand his two sons from different women, Ismael, father of the Arabs (later on with Mohammed and then the Muslims) and Israel, father of the Jews (later on with Yeshua, and then Christians). And with regard to Asia: you talked about Hinduism, but did you study Buddhism, too?
It's too bad that you are so confused, because I think you would have a big creative potential. Your choices: stay mentally ill and become a creative artist, or get healed and become anything else (e.g. like me a scientist).
I wish you a Happy Easter Holiday.
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Hey, SpritualFox, someone reading our chat! well- I don't really care. Just hope you are not mad at me for being honest and open. You can always contradict me, if you think I am wrong. I hope you had a nice Easter wihtou tsnwo - I heard the north of yourcontinent got snow again, and so did northern Germany. We are better off here in the south, nice weather today..
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I put up a new submission for ya. And i know i need to be healed, that's the joke about my bless-say submission. I took a day or two off.

As for us being overheard, my ego is disappointed the stadium isn't full.

And come ooonnn, i don't just believe any conspiracy theories. BPS is awesome, he's just grumpy about everything, and predicts doom at every turn.

Canada's already abolished *nods*

Sharia is next *nods even harder* :P
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What are you doing??? It is so hard for me to anser this, beacause I don't know. As regards the ego: the stadium is not full, becaue we have to lose it, and you know it. But sometimes this could happen a little more gentle way....if I may utter a wish.
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