Perpetual Upvotes - stolen from loyalsockatxhamster - for stolen gifs week. September 22-29 an Andrew Finlayson & co event

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mexican word of the day | MEXICAN WORD OF THE DAY "JEWISH" IF JEWISH FOR AN UPVOTE HOLMES I GOT ONE | image tagged in mexican word of the day | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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3D upvote! (click to show)
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. I feel the GENIUS to DUMBTH ratio dropping.... Signal Vs. Noize | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Amazing! I love those. Now let's figure a way to go - 4-D. A pitcher - firing one of those thru the strike zone?

Actually its ALREADY a 4 D cube. I kid the IT and Development department... (click to show) (click to show)
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Thanks! I have tried about 10 different ways to make each face of the cube a gif, that I can then use a screen capture on but haven't figured that out yet. The only solution I can think of is generating individual images of the cube, each with different gif frames and then putting those together into a gif. Too much work for now. Someday though...
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I bet that Dreamworx has AN APP for that. Using an "Amiga" and Video Toaster - I could've put that rotating cube into video frame - back in 1993. Perhaps with a manual and patience I couldv've scaled and moved it from a pitcher's hand to a bat or glove. So my guess...we just need to upgrade the suite. Get you a real studio. Me too.

The moment that I decide to take what's mine...I will have a ridiculous capacity to hire talent. So think about what kind of money you'd like - triple that...and see if Cali looks good - anywhere you want to be, therrr.

Otherwayse - you'll need to be our NE Branch.

I like parcel 108 @ the Holliister Ranch. Seems big for just me.

If I lose...don't mourn. Organize.

Otherwise....Coastal Engineering. Computer stuff. Broadcast. We gon' do BIG THINGS.

For some reason, so far, the spirit has not moved in me to act. But the current intolerable as it is held to be, near universally....will certainly provide a moment of 'hot iron'. Til then I stand like a Zen Archer - looking at the target(z) and everything in the universe - all at once. Waiting for the moment...
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Sign me up for the Ranch! xenophon recommend Lightworks to me a while back. (click to show)
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This dude is actually LIGHTNING FAST. (Sensei [Teacher/Master - in case Memeroid0° is listnin'] Suzuki) for Zen archery. As a meditation... there is no limit to the slowness.

Then we will move as the moment demands. Your spot is booked. That place even haz a guest house for me to live in.
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