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Dude, I Think You Just Hit Bigfoot!

24,616 views 40 upvotes Made by StickyGlobaGoo 10 years ago
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4 ups, 10y
"AHHH, didn't see that"
4 ups, 9y
That is a bear and that's horrible!!
4 ups, 9y,
1 reply
i laughed my ass off
1 up, 7y
me too lol
2 ups, 8y
lol this is awesome
3 ups, 8y,
1 reply
i love how the bear walks away like nothing happened
1 up, 8y
me too
1 up, 8y
I want a dashcam
3 ups, 7y
The bear had hip surgery & a concussion. He sued the driver and got $150,000.
1 up, 7y
Poor bear.
0 ups, 6y
That bear knows how to break dance!
1 up, 5y
dats terrible
1 up, 2y
huh must be a normal day in Russia move along people this is normal
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