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Read it please.

Read it please. |  Yes, people lie and change. They also hurt you and leave you. But that is what makes you stronger. That is why you question them, question every move you dislike, every move that doesn’t fit in with what you know about them.  But keep courage and hope in doing so. 

Don't kill yourself in hopes of other people, do not live in what they want your legacy to be. Don't ever live in a cruel and unkind legacy. Instead, live to battle what goes against you, and prove yourself and them that you are better than that. "Hope deferred makes the heart sick.
But a longing fulfilled is a tree of life." Proverbs 13:15.

Surround yourself with people that challenge how you think
Not people that nod their head and act like they agree. Those people that cut you open just to watch you bleed
Always be yourself, not the person that you pretend to be. -NF; If you kill yourself, are letting the world missing out on the person whom you are. A person that I enjoy about you, that your friends enjoy about you. If you kill yourself, that is selfish to the world, and yourself. Also you may never know who cares about you till its too late. And even though sometimes when we look into the mirror, we see someone else. Yeah, we  are our own enemy. Another version of you that wants to come out. We all have a dark side.  However you have to choose what you want to be. 

Are you who you want to be, when you look into the mirror, or do you see the devil getting nearer?-Knox Hill; I just wanted to make it clear. I love you all. | image tagged in blank,black background | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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I dont care, in what way. Wow

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Lol. An occasional sibling fight.

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Black background

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Im better than you

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