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tsar.raskalov (36946)
Joined 2022-03-04
всем здравствуйте, я игрок в GTA 5 а теперь я продаю миллиарды $GTA
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Satanic woody (no spacing) in fun
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Cause I did the same thing all throughout school, then I realized in my junior year that I really needed to lock in
meme in fun
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Me when I have an iron deficiency
The worst thing they'll ever hear in fun
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brother man dawg homeskillet dude compadre bro amigo, this was an entire year ago, I legit forgot about this entire interaction
Nice. in fun
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bro homeskillet brother dawg buddy dude compadre amigo pal man comrade, that was 9 months ago, why are you still on about this post
OMG just shut up already in fun
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or there doing some dumbass chant