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Just chillin', making some MBTI memes mostly.
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ENTP and INTJ Genius in fun
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MBTI Coaches in fun
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This meme is about the capped out Ti, Fe, and Ne.
INTJ vs INFJ in fun
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Ni always going to do you good :).
Big 5 + MBTI in fun
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Yea, in this context, they give you the full study because its taken directly from the scientific paper tools themselves - rather than randomly placing it on the internet. I'd imagine Heterodox Academy asked for to list the questionnaires free for people in the raw. I'm glad you liked them - good luck.

The Schwartz one is fascinating too. Me of course, very high in self direction and hedonism and such... total deviant who just does whatever they want, lmao. was not surprised at all.
Big 5 + MBTI in fun
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I agree that gender roles should be normative, and not individualistic. Ie, if you deny men have higher testosterone than women and should be doing something at school like boxing in a safe environment to get out the added aggression during peak testosterone years to help balance their mentality - then you are going to have a problem.

But i also do not think all men should be "forced" into boxing just because of the flatline average. As testosterone is different in each individual.

But neither do I think that men should not be given the option because, its equaled out for both genders and because 50% of people (women) don't arguably need boxing. Then nobody is offered boxing as a semi-requirement.

It is complicated. As to what the normative roles should be for. The idea that men do not "need" to be masculinised, is causing women to be partnerless because biologically they are pushed towards men like this, especially when menstrating. As women are more sexually selective then men. It is horrible to raise men throughout their childhood saying, "be yourself", to then get to adulthood and realise that women don't want men to be themselves, they want men to be default masculine. Lots of MBTI memes about it, literally read one just before, I stalk the INFJ memes page sometimes... same with INTJ... both post quite frequently and are cute.

Also I have this which is a channel for all the MBTI meme community posts ... anyway.

The reason I care about this is also because I am a masculine female and being told that me feminising myself isn't important directly goes against the fact that I like seducing men. I need to know how to be myself, and also to heavily feminise myself to obtain what I want. You need to know the normative, and the individualisation - to adapt to other individuals, but also to know the starting point (the normal for society - to be able to meet the normative requirements). Society is fascinating.

I am going to fail at least 65% more if I don't know the normative model. If I don't know men are attractive to the waist-to-hip ratio, if I don't know men don't like being talked down to, if I don't know what makes them feel masculine affects how feminine I look to them - and how strong a man feels, correlates to how attractive I may be to them, because it makes them feel more protective over me... etc.