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Batman slaps Trump
ALL PARTY, I meant to say
Batman slaps Trump
As and independent who has voted solid Republican until Trump-- I'm with you. If they stand for this kind of behavior, they'll stand for anything. The politicians have demonstrated to me that they are ALL part; NO principles, with a few noteworthy exceptions like Ben Sasse and Mitt Romney.
Batman slaps Trump
Take that, Heel Spurs. You think you're a leader?
National emergency
As we all know, it's no emergency. Here's how it's supposed to work: You persuade people of your ideas using your leadership skills. Then, you use proper legislative procedure to enact them. You don't yell "FIre" in a movie theater just to clear it out so you can clean it. Now, in 2 years, the Dems will be calling an emergency in order to fix health care, to fix global warming, to fix a perceived unfair tax structure. But the ALways Trumpers will back any foolhardy thing he proposes, and damn the constitution. But it was a nice try, comrade.