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Bad Photoshop Sunday presents: Getting to know you
Had no idea Sulu was in that episode (have never watched Voyager)...hey, even a blind memer finds a nugget every now and then :)
Bad Photoshop Sunday presents: Getting to know you
Btw, I finally got to see The Captain Sulu episode. The guy that set it up (can't remember his name) was fantastic (he reminded me of Adam from Myth busters on speed). I didn't get to watch it all at once, but it really made me think what if they had made that a series. From the setup I thought there would be more Captain Sulu and less barbarian Sulu, but it worked nicely...thanks a lot! :)
Bad Photoshop Sunday presents: Engage!
Didn't notice the resemblance until you mentioned it
Bad Photoshop Sunday presents: Han Sulu (Oh my!)
This was one of my first Photoshops. Out of this has come numerous characters toasting with champagne, beer and upvotes...cement overshoes? that anything like concrete galoshes? LOL