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Black Girl Wat in Vegan-Memes
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You clearly don't get it.
I wish you good luck with your life.
Black Girl Wat in Vegan-Memes
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The reason we have so many cows farting methane is because we BREED them for meat and dairy.
If they weren't specifically bred there would be no overpopulation of cattle.
Animal agriculture is responsible for over 80% of greenhouse gas emissions and is a leading cause of biodiversity loss, deforestation and water pollution.
Further, the 70 million tons of grain used to feed livestock for meat 'food' is completely uneconomical and could feed 11 billion people and end world food shortages 14 times over.
Despite which, my comment was only about the disgusting cruelty in the dairy industry.
Nobody has to drink milk or eat cheese - and they are actually bad for us, as any ethical heart surgeon will tell you.]-R&c[0]=AT1lx_-DKilWfjwESS8m-wrIWFsDYlOuQ-IFW2JDHw_J7HM9CjHDKnWQrK-eYHs4zxp62kAN-vG5GpM-XL7C9ixLxhtG0Vbi6thYl9zy42lAhe-odacdc8MKsDeS_0ZCuLibQ2inaZIdXkI97Q_wAcSyLXGh34uFOu8