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I am once again asking in politicsTOO
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Why would they though?
RMK's horrible political meme in politicsTOO
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very good indeed
agreement in politicsTOO
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CONSERVATIVES LABOUR MONSTER RAVING LOONY PARTY | image tagged in two guys fighting | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
British politics
Fascinating, isn’t it? People hold opinions you wouldn’t expect sometimes. Don’t put people into boxes. in politicsTOO
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That’s not true-extreme zionists may, but everyday, normal zionists, mots likely would not.
Hamas Strategy: 1) Bomb Israel. 2) Israel retaliates. 3) Hide behind women and children. 4) Play victim card. in politics
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In fact-arguably palestine is worse. The fact people can say stuff like “israel isn’t real” (It is, palestine was never its own country) on social media and not be thought of as incredibly radical shows how anti-semitic the world still is, also, on videos about innocent israelis dying in a stampede, people shit like “this is good” or “i hope this happens to all jews”. Its just blatantly anti-semitic, nowhere (apart from in a KKK rally or the darkest depths of 4chan) would you ever find someone saying they are islamophobic and peoud, yet on tiktok and instagram within a few days i found many people being blatanlt anti-semitic and getting away with it. People just use palestine to push their own, anti-semitic agenda. The right and left are both horrible places for jew, just vote monster raving loony party.