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Hint: BLM set the city on fire. in politics
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Actually you're wrong. After the trumptard riot at the capital, they ran around the city stealing BLM signs and burned them. If you want to say it was there fault, you are just saying that they are the problem because of the color of there skin. 93% of BLM protests are peaceful so just remember that next time you want to make a conspiracy theory, use your brain.
Untitled Image in politics
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This is true and according to this TIME article, 93% of BLM protests are peaceful which means that those trumptards saying that its ok what they did because of what BLM protesters are doing are wrong dumbasses
Untitled Image in politics
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Hillary Clinton actually called and congragulated Trump. I know your trying to feel good about your party even after what they done but this was not done by democrats. The best thing you can do is admit that you were wrong instead of defending a murderer.
Imgflip election! in politics
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probably just trumptards getting mad because they are telling the truth