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Ancient Aliens in fun
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Why is this true. It is a show about horny demons though lol
Create search history in comments in fun
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How to ride horse
Why does a bird like me
How to teach someone to stop being a f[#%^] baby (Speaking of Moxxie)
How to get your daughter hellhound to like you
How to kill a robot fizzarolli
Guns for sale
Pipebombs for sale
Cute horse pictures
Cute horses for sale
Gun amno
How to deal with annoying f[#%^] karens
How to get a bird to stop liking you and wanting to do f[#%^] werid stuff with you please send help

*[#%^] is a sensor for a swear*
link to vote is in comments in fun
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Two Buttons in fun
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Ooooooo, someone's salty! in fun
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But fr I hate hackers