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Werdition_likes_sans (4203)
Joined 2022-02-13
i suck at making memes help me i also like sans :D
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XD in fun
1 up, 5mo
glad to know im not the only one xd
Real in fun
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either it feels like heaven or feels like hell
Dumping in you-had-one-job
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my body when im sleepy
Who will win? in Undertale
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but if you do the same trick as what in the video did
uhh what would that mean???????
Who will win? in Undertale
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"so what kratos can flip 9 realms, steve can literally hold entire multiverses, doom slayer can resist getting shot with a bfg 10k but its still nothing compared to infinite durability, oh but goku can teleport at the speed of light, well guess what steve goes 6 TIMES the speed of light"
i think he is tired calling steve overrated