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Just Horsing Around
Actually True. Bravo!
Pepperidge Farm Remembers
I remember a speech by Bill Gates, where he talked about "Digital Convergence" years ago... I assume things will only change more, until a "console" and a "computer terminal" are indistinguishable from each other, in the future
Heh, you shouldn't be ducking - they actually want you to literally lift your head up - and see what could possibly be on the way to causing you harm
I always thought it was because they were waiting for you to order, waiting for your food to be ready to bring you and then waiting for you to pay (you don't have to leave right away) - hence they are literally "waiting on you", as the phrase goes. As a patron, you are more or less "demanding" that those things all occur at your whim.
British English! Just like every other more-advanced-than-us society lol