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Something in this picture isn't "Right" in politics
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What's not right is seemingly half the American population trying to have the schizophrenic mix of conservatism and libertarianism.
Khrushchev in politics
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Communists: Say stuff
Muricans 70 years later: HAAA! SEE THAT! THEY SAID IT WOULD HAPPEN THEREFORE IT DID!!!!1111!!!!!11
Like really dude you become annoying sometimes if you dont like this stream leave in Christian-clean-meme
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Saying they're annoying will probably only encourage internet antitheists.
Untitled Image in politicsTOO
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Hardly anyone gets pregnant at 10 years old. Man the pro-choice people are always going ''HAAA BUT WHAT ABOUT YOUR STANCE ON SOME OTHER ISSUE?''. Yet more evidence of how crummy the pro-choice position is.