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Sorry Oswald, your son seems to have turned into a textbook Taurus. in fun
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I'm not Alan Turing... and I'm positive that's not Morse Code.
Be Like Bill in fun
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I'm looking back at the comment I left on this post and I'm not completely sure what was hurting me then. What I do know is that I probably commented all of this when I was in eighth grade and not in a good place mentally. I'm currently doing a lot better, but thanks for offering to talk.
Kidz Bop is the answer. in fun
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I'm surprised someone even commented on this one, it's pretty old (thanks for commenting at least) :)
And the best dad award goes to... in fun
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It was listed as Ozzie Nelson on bing when I found the image, it could possibly be David, not sure though.
And the best dad award goes to... in fun
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Well... not Ozzy Osbourne :)