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Packaged Pringles in fun
2 ups, 1m
Apparently so
He's a bad person, stop supporting him in fun
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Okay, he didn't 'force' child labor, but he's aided and been complicit in it

Also, other reports suggest that Amber Heard cheated on Johnny Depp with Elon Musk, and that he funded the libel case in favor of Amber Heard. So a generally bad person
I don't care if it was months ago now, he cheated in Minecraft
2 ups, 2m
That video is full of lies, he said he hired a 'world-famous astrophysicist' but didn't say their name, that's like saying 'I have a girlfriend, but she goes to another school'. I watched another video debunking dream's video, by speedrunning expert Karl Jobst, also the math in dreams video is wrong, completely wrong
what are your thoughts on the way early 2000's memes were vs the way memes from 2018-now are? in The_Think_Tank
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I can't really say, since I wasn't around in the early 2000s