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Be Like Bill
No problem. Thanks.
Be Like Bill
Thanks for the support, health-wise. You're absolutely right. However, I don't know if you know what goes on in the dairy industry, animals-wise? Cows, sadly, are not proud to be a part of the dairy industry, hence me recommending "Dairy is scary". It's worth a watch, if interested. Thanks. ????
Be Like Bill
Sorry, I'm not quite sure I get what you mean by your response? I'm open to explanation.
One Does Not Simply
I loved the Great British Bake Off on Channel 4 but thought that this meme would fit the controversy about it.
Star Wars Yoda
As it would be such as gradual transistion, it wouldn't be a case of mass slaughter. i It would be a slow reduction of breeding, supply and demand, given the world won't go vegan overnight. The few that are left would live in sanctuaries and peoples homes, like chickens. The odd bit of natural breeding maybe that would keep the species alive but nowhere near the extent of numbers today. As for bees, they don't need to us pollinate. They need us to stop using pesticides, to provide homes for solitary bees etc. When honey is taken away from the hive, it is replaced with a sugar syrup this isn't adequate for them to survive one. Once we leave the honey alone, the bees will survive so much better. Not to mention the number of bees killed in mass production of honey collection. Hope this helps explain things. ????