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Parabellum. (36420)
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I try to make funny memes. Hope you like them. I'm a fan of Juice WRLD & Iann Dior. I'm red. Thx for the 17 followers šŸ„³
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Meanwhile at PoliticsTOOā€¦ in Real_Politics
5 ups, 6d
Start a revolution #Meanwhile in politicsTOO
medical-grade stupidity in conservatives
3 ups, 6d
Oh mb. Well great job then.
medical-grade stupidity in conservatives
1 up, 6d
Hey are you making fun of Texas Via Getty?
See me ranting and raving. in MEMES_OVERLOAD
8 ups, 6d
image tagged in tip hat respect | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Funniest meme I've seen in a few months. Great job who am I.
UNDERTALE: the movie. Coming to YOU July 2022. in MS_memer_group
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image tagged in roy rogers horse rearing good-bye | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I'll leave ya to it. It was nice 'meeting' you tho.