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Not good but not bad at making memes.
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UNO Draw 25 Cards in fun
0 ups, 12mo
Wait you still pay for lunches? I kinda feel bad for you..
doctr in fun
0 ups, 1y
Even a bandaid is a bit of a stretch. The school nurse at my old school only gave out water and mint. If you got an ice pack from her, you would feel like royalty.
agent Hitler FBI in fun
0 ups, 1y
Hm.. The only way this could have happened is that the time traveller dislocated a single grain of sand from the beach.
bruh in fun
1 up, 1y
Ngl, her head shape kinda reminds me of the Dove logo
To be continued... in fun
1 up, 2y
If you watch the video on youtube, it shows very clearly he did not die.