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Mostly an MJ meme wizard, otherwise it's just random memes. Why are you reading this? I'm nothing special ._.
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Captain Picard Facepalm
I don't know dude, only discovered it last year and apparently they're the 3 main ones lol
Michael Jackson Pointing
oh my god... I totally forgot someone made this meme lol! and 45 months ago too? that's almost 4 years ago O______o
Captain Picard Facepalm
lol it's ok xD yeah I'm aware that there are different accents for parts of the USA and the UK, I didn't know that some Jamaicans have Irish accents, very interesting! and yeah any true blue Aussie (those who are born in Oz as well as their parents etc.) has distant relatives that are British convicts from 1770 if I'm not mistaken :)