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Mostly an MJ meme wizard, otherwise it's just random memes. Why are you reading this? I'm nothing special ._.
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Life in a nutshell...
well, what can you do? :/
Life in a nutshell...
omfg what kind of a f**king teacher is she? Miss Trunchbull? (however you spell her name) I can't imagine the number of kids who got depressed because of her :( sorry to hear you tried to commit suicide at such a young age (I myself attempted a few times...) :( fortunately for you you now have wonderful kids to love :) you need comebacks for that old hag, have you told the principal/headmaster about her? surely there are other parents with kids that she bullies as well (which is unacceptable!), all of you can have your voices heard, and with a bit of luck she will f**k off and no longer be the shitty and miserable bully teacher
Be good to the animals!!!
omg I was about to comment something with The Stray Cats but didn't know what to put in the caption lol. You beat me to it xD still love them though, great band but soooooooo underrated!
Life in a nutshell...
O__________o yikes! sounds like it scraped off a lot of skin, I got rope burn on my left pinky when I was around 13 during a game of tug of war (I held the rope weird, idk why, someone was trying to help me and she was way too strong for my weak floppy arms lol). That shit hurt real bad >_< also your teacher seems to have no heart :/
Life in a nutshell...
you're welcome xD https://imgflip.com/gif/2muytj