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Mostly an MJ meme wizard, otherwise it's just random memes. Why are you reading this? I'm nothing special ._.
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My mum and I argued about this for about 5 mins lol, also sorry for not being here in a while :( I haven't forgotten y'all :) in fun
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reminds me of the time I made this about 4-5 years ago lmao! (holy shit that long? O_o) the comments there are mindblowingly fun xD imgflip.com/i/11id9m
THE Best Pepsi Commercial in fun
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tbh I started drinking Pepsi cuz of MJ lol... I still like Coke but not something I drink often :) also wtf it's been 6 years since I created the gif? how? O_o
Happy dancing seagull in fun
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HOW ABOUT... NOT WASTING TIME AND GO HAVE SOME FUN? | image tagged in how about no bear | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
thanks :D
The person who named this street must’ve had another level of boredom xD in fun
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because why not? xD ... sorry that was a terrible joke lol