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Your armpit smells like my nose
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Thank you! It's been sitting so long, I was beginning to believe the joke was too subtle.
Charles Koch
What's really funny is that you think this is bad for him.
Then there's the incoming SCUD footage during the 1st Desert Storm - where it turns out the reporter wasn't even in Iraq, they were on a sound stage laughing it up between takes. There are entire websites dedicated to CNN shenanigans. They get caught lying ALL THE TIME!
They took the buzzfeed story written by a known bad actor (had been caught fabricating evidence before) and ran with it. When Muller's team said it was untrue, they had an on-air pity party about how they had just reinforced public opinion of newsmedia. Yeah, CNN ran with an unverified story simply because it fit their anti-Trump agenda. They sidestepped good journalistic practice of verifying the story, because they were too busy stumbling over each other to put the story on-air immediately. CNN, they do it to themselves.
Ahem - Buzzfeed