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It's VERY Important in War_Against_Tik_Tok
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4th of July surprise attack would be best, I think God would be happy that we're raiding streams that support Tik Tok because he thinks it's one of the worst inventions humanity has ever made. And the fact that it's America's birthday, God will not only be proud of us for celebrating the 4th of July, but he will also be proud of us for attacking the Tik Tok streams on Imgflip because of how much he hates Tik Tok.
Very Random Birthday Game / Comment What You Got! in MEMES_OVERLOAD
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Gave your shoes to a brain in a jar (my birthday)
Made out with Shrek (November 28)
Gave a bomb to homework (June 20)
Got assassinated by pizza (December 21)
Ran over depression with a car (January 10)
Untitled Image in Tik_tok_rules
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Have you forgotten that tik tokers are people with no brain cells and make cringey videos 24/7? No way in hell is anybody gonna agree to that dumbass peace treaty that says we should be friends with retarded tik tokers, I say we yeet the tik tokers out of Imgflip for good.
Untitled Image in Tik_tok_rules
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image tagged in splish splash your opinion is trash | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
No one is gonna agree to your stupid peace treaty, because it's stupid, it takes away the fun of posting hate memes on pro tik tok streams, and nobody likes tik tok anyway. So get used to it, because your just ending the fun. I'm pretty sure all the pro tik tokers and anti tik tokers aren't gonna agree to your bullsh*t because of how boring it is. Because we're gonna keep this war going because of how fun it is, and that's f**king final! We'll keep raiding the pro tik tok streams until we kick the pro tik tokers out of Imgflip for good. In conclusion, f**k this treaty, f**k your opinion, and f**k you because nobody cares about your dumbass treaty!
-frozone- and Meme-Master97's gun shop in War_Against_Tik_Tok
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Here you go! *gives JBOSS a sniper*